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Speed: 24mph, Power: 5kw Ac motor, 6.8hp, 400 amp controller, AGM Maintenance Free Battery

Available Colors:

Don't Spend Thousands On Expensive Upgrades

Our cars come completely customized at the advertised price with options that are costly upgrades with other brands.

Introducing the EV Titan  Luxe – our street-legal, fully customized electric golf car. Unlike other brands, we include premium options as standard at the advertised price, eliminating the need for costly upgrades.
At EV Titan, our mission is to provide customers with electric golf cars that are the most powerful and capable on the market. We believe that the best upgrades should come standard, so you don’t have to pay extra for customizations that enhance safety and street legality while making your car stand out.

The EV Titan Xtreme is more than just a street-legal golf car. It’s your personal transportation solution, ideal for driving to the golf course, taking friends to your favorite neighborhood restaurant, navigating any campus, or zipping to the gym for a workout.

  • 6.8 HP Output Rating

  • 4 - 6 Person Seating

  • Rear Flip Seat with Cooler

  • Foldable Tinted Windshield

  • Extended Long Top Roof

  • Larger Tire & Wheel Size

  • Higher Ground Clearance

  • Street Legal Turn Signals.

  • Side Mirrors.

  • Adjustable Suspension.

  • LCD Display Dash.

  • USB Charger.

  • Underbody Lighting.